Nerdy Pinup with Hippie Rose

I love my pinup friends because they are such fantastic, sexy, and creative people. The astounding Hippie Rose is no exception. Her unique style and creativity is a wonder to see. It is great pleasure to feature this post about her venture into Nerdy Pinup!


Faith Friday 

Nerdy Pinup with Hippie Rose

I first coined the term “Nerdy Pinup” to describe my style last year sometime. I’ve been more heavily in both the Pinup and the Cosplay scenes in the last couple years. I started realizing that I really wanted to combine the two worlds. I wanted my Pinup attire to reflect my love of things nerdy.

My first official Nerdy Pinup Cosplay was for Club Cosplay’s first event in 2014.  I decided to do a Vulcan Pinup. I am a Trekker, a extreme over the top lover of Star Trek. I love Spock from The Original Series Star Trek (1960) which is also tied to my love of old vintage era things.  Since I wanted to Cosplay Spock already I felt it was a good choice. This particular Cosplay was less formal. My skirt was TOS(The Original Series) print which i made my self, fabric was purchased at Joann’s Fabrics. It was a classic circle skirt pattern. I wore an off the shoulder black top from Heartbreaker Fashion which I bought at Atomic Boutique in Upland. I used a mesh Rat Roll so i could have bumper bangs. Spock’s haircut looks like he has Bettie Bangs so i felt i needed bangs and since i had none myself I went with Bumper Bangs. I did a classic Pinup makeup and red lips. The finishing touches were my Vulcan eyebrows and ears. With a little eyelash glue and black pencil i was able to give myself the angled eyebrows. I bought some cheap Spock ear tips from FUN Corner in San Bernardino but, I am sure lots of Halloween/Costume/SPFX  Makeup stores have.  I glued the tips on to my ears to look like I had that pointy ear look Vulcans have.  I wore some  kitten heel Vintage inspired heels I got from Modcloth online.   Last I wore Star Trek insignia plugs that I made myself. Viola! Pinup Vulcan.

I did shoot photos of  a Pinup Vulcan a few months later with Ron Detrick.  For this I wore a Red Shirt Star Trek Uniform (TOS) dress that I bought on I wore fishnets and boots to look more like the TV show but still with a bit of a sexier vibe. All of the hair and makeup was the same. I also had my TOS replica Phaser, which is like a laser gun if you are not sure what I mean.  This shoot was done like a classic Pinup shoot with Pinup posed but it was all done while I was dressed up like a Vulcan. Ive always loved  the whole Pinup scene.

Since I was young I loved all things vintage, especially fashion. I have always wanted to have a unique sense of fashion and when I started Cosplaying and learning to sew I decided I wanted to make my own unique style of Pinup clothing. Hence Nerdy Pinup! I’m bringing my nerd into my pinup and I am bringing my pinup into my nerd with my pinup styled Cosplays. My favorite thing about Cosplay is getting to dress up and show people your costumes. Its great to get the recognition not only for your ability to put together or make a costume but for your ingenuity to come up with something different than other people.

Check her out on FB Hippie Rose and IG @hippie@rose

Photo Credit: Ron Detrick Photography (Vulcan Pinup) and Hermitage Photography at Club Cosplay

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